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Julius Bangert

Designer Developer at Jubjub Studios

Bristol, United Kingdom
Computer Games
  1. Jubjub Studios
  1. John Brown Media Group,
  2. Dot New Media
  1. University of Brighton


With eight years experience in design and development, I have refined an interdisciplinary approach to creating engaging and compelling interactive experiences, games, applications, websites and user-interfaces. Utilising the latest technologies and best practices, I enjoy solving problems and generating ideas to provide innovative solutions. I consider myself an enthusiastic team contributor and communicator, constantly broadening my knowledge base and taking great pride in my work.


Game & App Developer

Jubjub Studios
– Present (1 year 4 months)Bristol, UK

Jubjub Studios was started up as a platform for my independent game and app development. Through this I have released the popular game Tri, an addictive brain training puzzler for iOS and Android, which has been well received with high volume downloads and positive customer comments.

I was drawn to game design and development because it encapsulates many creative practices into one package, with the final result benefitting and bringing enjoyment to the user. Specialisms such as programming, graphic design, animation and music all combine to form an interactive experience that can educate and inspire.

Freelance Contractor

John Brown Media Group
(3 months)London, United Kingdom

I was contracted to work on two short projects at John Brown Media, both were to build interactive children's games themed around numeracy education. Count Me In Number Chums is a native iOS and Android tablet game aimed at pre-school children learning numeracy skills and Space Trader is a web-based game targeted at key stage two and deals with long division. My duties and responsibities included :
• Creating and maintaining a codebase in lua for Corona SDK and structure all the game logic
• Writing html, css and javascript for webased deployment
• Organising data into maintainable xml files
• Preparing images and spritesheets from design Photoshop Documents
• Working with designers and editors to refine gameplay mechanics and interactive elements.
• Documenting all the code and software processes for the inhouse team to take on any future updates

Designer Developer

Dot New Media
(7 years 1 month)Lewes, UK

At Dot New Media I was responsible for creating websites and web content, building mobile apps and games, creating museum interactives and shooting and editing videos and animations. I gained an insight into the digital media industry and developed some advanced and varied skills ranging from graphic design to museum exhibition fabrication to software application development.

Some of the clients and projects I worked with included:

• English Heritage & Chiswick House Gardens
• NHS & Queen Mary's Hospital Roehampton
• Basildon Council & Wat Tyler Country Park
• Queen Mary University London
• Brewers painting and decorating merchant
• PwC



Apple App Store
July 2014

Put your visual pattern recognition skills to the test with Tri, an addictive and stimulating brain training puzzle game for players of all ages. Match up sets of three symbols according to shape, color, fill and number in a race against the clock.

Work your way through levels of increasing complexity in Classic Mode, collecting points and bonuses to trade for lifelines when the going gets tough. Share your high scores with friends on Facebook and Twitter to gain extra bonus points.

Compete with up to four people in Tabletop Mode for a fast paced, engaging and social game. Challenge your opponents’ reaction speed and accuracy in the seemingly simple task of spotting the connection first.


  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. German

    Full professional proficiency


University of Brighton

BA Honours, Music & Visual Art, First

• Graduated with First Class BA Honours in Music and Visual Arts in 2006
• Performed and collaborated with musicians and artists to create performances and artworks.
• Wrote a dissertation entitled 'Vagueness in Art Practices'.
• Exhibited several audio visual mechanical installations in the second and third year shows.
• Formed a collaborative arts collective called Protoplay with colleagues and friends and created exhibitions in and around Brighton.
• Learned to play the accordion and guitar
• Formed a band called Django Spears who still play gigs today

Plymouth College of Art

Foundation studies in Art & Design, Fine Art, Distinction

• Created several series of artworks involving painting, installation music and sound art.
• Graduated with Distinction in Foundation Studies Fine Art Practice 2002.
• Exhibited work in the college gallery.

Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College

High School, A Levels

A Art & Design
B Mathematics
B Pysics
C Music

Marple Hall High School

High School, GCSEs

A* Physics
A* Chemistry
A* Biology
A* Art & Design
A* German
A Mathematics
A History
B English
B Spanish


Pervasive Media Studio



The Pervasive Media Studio hosts a brilliant community of artists, creative companies, technologists and academics exploring experience design and creative technology. It is a collaboration with University of West of England and University of Bristol, managed by Watershed. Our projects include gaming, projections, music, connected objects, location-based media, robotics, digital displays and new forms of performance. Some are commercial, some are cultural. We test our projects as early as possible and iterate. We have a great workspace, an open ethos and a can-do attitude.